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Woods, forest and pristine nature have a healing effect on humans.

They help to reduce blood pressure and lower the level of stress hormones, alleviate depression, but also strengthen our immune system and boost our senses.

Forest therapies performed on our estate will take you to an unforgettable journey to your natural self and help you discover the balance of your body, mind, and spirit.



No ordinary walk.


Walking through the forest is something else. You might get surprised by the calmness and slow pace of our journey.

The 2-3h long therapy starts with a short meditation, continues with an attentive walk through the forest, and culminates with invites of our guide to open our senses to the healing power of nature.

By responding to the environment, we source the most of it. We pay attention to the patterns in the forest, feel the sun kissing our skin through the treetops, we listen to the sounds and taste the air, we create using natural materials, connect with trees, express gratitude to all the creatures of the forest we meet during our walk and spontaneously sing with birds. Opportunities to soak up the pristine are endless.


During the therapy, we gather in a circle on several occasions, in a safe and inviting space to share our observations and experience with others and to listen to them.

The walk is always concluded in a special way as we pamper ourselves with a cup of herbal flower tea and delicacies of the Na kupčku estate.



To open our senses, we must first slow down, calm our thoughts and gradually release our burdens.


The forest therapy allows us to breathe deeper, forget about distractions and to discover a new perspective on the environment around and inside us.

We help you establish a pristine connection with nature, with yourself and all the living beings around us. This way, we bridge the gap between humans and nature that the modern way of living has been widening for too long, and gradually recover within this natural harmony.

In forest therapy, we calm our minds and rebuild a deeper connection with our inner strength and confidence. It allows us to boost our mental clarity, concentration and memory, which helps us face the challenges we encounter every day.

In the pristine embrace of the forest, we can heal emotional wounds, free our mind and spirit and become one with everything.

The forest therapy program is appropriate for individuals and groups.

We welcome you to space where you can find your connection with nature and discover the way it could help you in everyday life.



Open walks of forest therapies are perfect for 3 to 15 attendees.

Alongside all the benefits of the therapy, open groups are perfect for meeting new people and building a wider and accepting community that welcomes each and every person's story. Together, we build a healthy relationship towards nature, ourselves and the community.

€40 / person


Forest therapies are a perfect way to strengthen connections with our family, friends, and colleagues.

For a day, we can all take a break from our offices, classrooms and living rooms, and visit the forest.

This experience will help you enhance your relationships, boost your wellbeing, clarity and focus, lower your stress levels and find ways to spark your creativity and problem-solving skills.
Together, we can create the perfect program of forest therapy for your group.

€50 / person


Perfect for everyone who wants to dive into the depths of their relationship towards nature and themselves.

It combines all the elements of forest therapy with the focus on your wishes and needs.

This intimate forest therapy is also ideal for a couple who seeks quality time and connection with one another surrounded by pristine natural environment.

€120 / person



Maja Pišljar is a Certified Forest Therapy Guide and a member of the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides. A social worker from Slovenia who worked with disadvantaged youths, immigrants and people with special needs in her homeland of Slovenia, as well as the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and the U.S. She moved to the Berkshires, in Western Massachusetts, in 2017, and feels a strong sense of belonging, to both the land and the community, here.

Maja’s joy and purpose is to hold space for people to deepen their connection to Nature, each other, and to our authentic selves. Her forest therapy guiding springs from years of personal and professional growth, when life challenges brought her to truly listen to the wisdom within and around her. Her work is rooted in connection to Earth, connection to our bodies and to the communities we live in. She deeply believes that bringing reciprocity into our relationship with Nature heals ourselves and the more-than-human-world itself.

When not wandering in the woods and connecting with spirits of nature, you can find Maja sitting in women’s circles, volunteering with people with special needs, learning leathercrafting, moving with the cyclical rhythms of nature, dancing between masculine and feminine and studying this beautiful thing called life.

You can find more about Maja on https://rooted-wisdom.com/.

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